decentralized government relations platform
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Aeneas is a social driven decentralized public-benefit platform aimed to endow users to gain influence on the political system through gathering money for changing laws, creating free economic zones and radical innovations

Political tools

Aeneas is a facility to push state institutional changes through Blockchain tech and involving global talents into political life.


One of the foundamentals of Aeneas is a providing of e-residency instance for new state formations on a territories where Aeneas exist.

Free zones

The goal of Aeneas is be a solution for global talents to establish free economic zones and tech labs at any place of their interests.

Playing field

Ukraine is a first state for Aeneas to implement. This case will provide a successful model for bringing significant changes to worldwide.


Еней створює соціальну та технологічну інфраструктуру, необхідну для громадської політичної діяльності. Кожна група або люди могли б приєднатися до інстанції КПД (наприклад, комітету з політичної діяльності) і ініціювати проект, який би змінив певну спадщину будь-якої сфери бізнесу, в якій вони зацікавлені.


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KPI Blockchain Conference

On April 24th we made a statement at the KPI Blockchain Conference! You can find the full photo report here: Join the project, you can download the mining client in the “Download” section. Follow us!  Subscribe to the channel on Telegram: Chat:    

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