Beer goes crypto – Honest Lobbying Conversation

Friends, on May 16 we spoke at a Beer goes crypto event in Kiev.

The general theme was interesting and touched the main problem of cryptoactive assets today – payment for goods and services in the crypt.

Anton Kobrynets spoke on Aeneas, he spoke about the project, cases of using our cryptocurrency and the possibilities of the project.

We discussed what the blockchain Aeneas launched, Aeneas GR Marketplace. They told about the practical benefits of the project for all users, ranging from ordinary citizens who will be able to protect and promote their ideas to lobbyists and authorized experts who will perform oders openly, honestly and professionally.

Each verified lobbying group will be able to post lobbying proposals or accept GR user requests, check them and set a price as a capitalization rating for obtaining the funding necessary for the legal implementation of the request. Each user will be able to detect the accepted GR requests and take part in the advertisement, taking into account the advantages of implementing the request.

Thanks to everyone who was with us at the event for a lively discussion!