April 24 – open meeting in Kiev. Come!

Let’s hit the blockchain on lies, hypocrisy and couloirs!
In order for our future with you to be determined only by us – it’s not enough to vote in elections, there is still a lot of work and knowledge needed.
Come to the open meeting of the KPI Blockchain Conference on April 24 and learn about the fate of blockchain projects in Ukraine and abroad. Personal examples of the founders of startups, case studies for development and development, market analysis.


🔹Anton Kobrуnets, CEO of Aeneas, Gesellberg Cryptofinance, Blockchain Forum, teacher of the Faculty of Training, Ph.D.
Experience in creating your own public blockchain project.
1. The problem of choosing a technological stack.
2. The average cost of specialists at home and abroad. Market conditions for blockchain programming.

ТStanislav Podyachev, Managing Partner of Blockchain Lab, founder of Blockchain Art Hackathon.
He will tell about the distribution of the blockchain technology, compare the prospects of blockchain development in our country and abroad.

🔹Turchenko Sergуy, co-founder of Richamster cryptocurrency exchange.
Cryptocurrency – the future, or HYIP past. On the example of Ukrainian crypto project Karbo and Richamster

🔹 Alexander, representative of Cryptcom cryptocurrency payment system.
Why today we do not pay for cleaning a vacuum cleaner?
1. Futurism cryptocurrency. People do not need cryptocurrency, IoT (Internet of Things) needs it.
2. Cryptcom, this is a small mule of a modern financial system. Understand and love.

Where and when?
Student space Belka, pr. Pobedy, 37, Kiev.
At 16:30 the beginning.

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